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Who We Are​​​​

The Health Systems Node (HSN) of the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network is based in Kaiser P​ermanente Northern California Division of Research and the Kaiser Permanente Washington's Health Research Institute in Seattle. The HSN includes 14 additional health care delivery systems with embedded research departments throughout the United States. The HSN's 16 health care delivery systems finance and provide care to a diverse population of over 24 million people throughout the United States. The addiction and health services researchers, epidemiologists, and physicians working within these health systems are committed to working together to advance prevention and treatment options for people with substance use disorders. 

Our goals are to: 

  1. Test approaches to increase identification of substance use and substance use disorder and engagement in treatment.
  2. Test new approaches to improve substance use disorder outcomes in medical settings.
  3. Develop novel measures and methods for substance use disorder research using electronic health records ​

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Our Mission

To improve understanding, screening and treatment of people suffering from substance use disorders through a closer connection between research, practic​​e, and policy.

Our Vision​​

The Health Systems Node of the Clinical Trials Network, through support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse aims to: 

  • Identify research questions that matter to patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems 
  • Efficiently answer those questions involving real-world patients and providers 
  • Disseminate and implement research results

Our Values

As part of the larger Clinical Trials Network (CTN), we share the values of: 

  • Scientific excellence
  • Innovation and creativity 
  • Actionable research findings 
  • Collaboration and teamwork 
  • Transparency 
  • Efficiency 

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