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​The Health Systems Node is made up of research scientists and staff at research departments embedded within integrated HSN health systems and the VA, dedicated to public domain substance use disorder research. The health care delivery systems represent diverse structures, and typically include an integrated delivery system, the ability to define patient populations, and access to electronic medical and administrative records. The HSN is led by multiple Principal Investigator (Drs. Campbell, Weisner and Bradley). Current member organizations and research expertise are: 

HSN Organization


Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Cynthia I. Campbell, PhD, MPH (Contact Principal Investigator)

Opioids, cannabis, pain, treatment, youth, primary care, patient-engagement, electronic health record, comorbidities, delivery science, mental health

Cynthia Campbell  

Constance Weisner, DrPH, MSW (Other Significant Contributor​)

Alcohol, opioids, mental health, chronic pain, HIV, youth, primary care, patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), longitudinal obs​ervational studies, comorbidities, implementation research, economics, genomics 

Constance Weisner  

Kaiser Permanente Washington's Health Research Institute Katharine Bradley, MD, ​MPH (Principal Investigator)

Alcohol, opioids, mental health, primary care, prevention, youth, PCOR, implementation research, quality measurement, NLP, user-centered design; eHealth, genomics
Katharine Bradley
Baylor, Scott & White Health

Katherine Sanchez (Site PI)

Integrated health care and the provision of socio-culturally, linguistically adapted models for the treatment of co-morbid mental and physical illness. system level interventions and research opportunities to understand the social determinants of health and result in high impact, innovative strategies to address mental health disparities

Katherine Sanchez
Essentia Health

Irina V. Haller, PhD, MS (Site PI)

Rural and minority health with emphasis on assessment of vitamin D status and its relation to chronic diseases; and health issues in older adults

Irina V. Haller
Fallon Health

Susan Andrade, ScD (Site-PI)

Pharmacoepidemiology and medication safety, epidemiology of chronic diseases

Susan Andrade
Geisinger Health System

Melissa Poulsen, PhD, MPH (Site PI)

Community and environmental determinants of health, childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, and opioid use disorder

Melissa Poulsen
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Christine Lu MSc, PhD (Site PI)

Evaluations of health policies in developing and developed countries using large, longitudinal administrative healthcare data and rigorous quasi-experimental research methods; policy, legal, ethical, economic and societal issues of precision medicine

Christine Lu
Henry Ford Health System

Brian Ahmedani, PhD (Site PI)

Alcohol, mental health, suicide, prescription opioids, hospital readmissions, genomics, youth, eHealth, clinician attitudes on SUD & mental health care, chronic disease, economics of mental health care

Brian Ahmedani
Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MPH (Site PI)

Alcohol, opioids, mental health, PC, implementation research, quality management, opioids, suicide, prisoners, youth, other prescription drug abuse, medication safety, SU-related infections, worker productivity, economics

Ingrid Binswanger
Kaiser Permanente Georgia

Drew Bradlyn, PhD (Site PI)

Youth, mental health, clinical trials, prescription drug abuse, policy

Drew Bradlyn
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii

Kristina Phillips, PhD (Site PI)

High-risk substance use practices that contribute to negative health outcomes, brief interventions, treatment outcome, and ecological momentary assessment, and social determinants of health

Kristina Phillips, PhD
Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic

Douglas W. Roblin, PhD (Site PI)

Health service outcomes for HIV-infected patients, including determinants of optimized multidisciplinary care for maximized HIV outcomes, medication adherence issues in these patients, and epidemiology of the disease, other sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis

Michael Horberg
Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Bobbi Jo Yarborough, PsyD (Site PI)

Prescribed and illicit opioid use, depression, eating disorders, obesity, cognitive behavioral therapy, qualitative methods

Bobbi Jo Yarborough
Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Rulin Hechter, MD, PhD (Site PI)

Mental health, behavioral health integration, HCV, HIV, youth, medication safety

Rulin Hechter
​​​ Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Dominick L. Frosch PhD (Site PI)

Intervention development, randomized efficacy and effectiveness trials, implementation science, measurement and qualitative methods​

Dominick L. Frosch PhD
​​​​ Veterans Affairs Puget Sound​ (VA)

Emily Williams, PhD MPH (Site PI)

Increasing access to evidence-based treatments for unhealthy alcohol and other substance use in diverse medical settings, including understanding and promoting equity in this care for vulnerable patient subpopulations

Emily Williams

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