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Selected Publications

The influence of prescription opioid use duration and dose on development of treatment resistant depression
Scherrer JF, Salas J, Sullivan MD, Schneider FD, Bucholz KK, Burroughs T, Copeland L, Ahmedani B, Lustman PJ. Prev Med Oct 2016 PubMed abstract »

Long-term Management of Low Back Pain with Opioids and Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs in a Health System
Ahmedani BK
, Peterson EL, Wells KE, Henein F, Williams LK. Am J Prev Med Jun 2016 PubMed abstract »

Prescription Opioid Duration, Dose, and Increased Risk of Depression in 3 Large Patient Populations
Scherrer JF, Salas J, Copeland LA, Stock EM, Ahmedani BK, Sullivan MD, Burroughs T, Schneider FD, Bucholz KK, Lustman PJ. Ann Fam Med Jan-Feb 2016 PubMed abstract »

Psychiatric comorbidity and 30-day readmissions after hospitalization for heart failure, AMI, and pneumonia
Ahmedani BK
, Solberg LI, Copeland LA, Fang-Hollingsworth Y, Stewart C, Hu J, Nerenz DR, Williams LK, Cassidy-Bushrow AE, Waxmonsky J, Lu CY, Waitzfelder BE, Owen-Smith AA, Coleman KJ, Lynch FL, Ahmed AT, Beck A, Rossom RC, Simon GE. Psychiatr Serv Feb 2015 PubMed abstract »

Racial/Ethnic differences in health care visits made before suicide attempt across the United States
Ahmedani BK
, Stewart C, Simon GE, Lynch F, Lu CY, Waitzfelder BE, Solberg LI, Owen-Smith AA, Beck A, Copeland LA, Hunkeler EM, Rossom RC, Williams K. Med Care May 2015 PubMed abstract »

Evidence-Based Care for People with Unhealthy Alcohol Use-Still Elusive
Bachhuber MA, Bradley KA J Gen Intern Med Jul 2016 PubMed abstract »

The Association Between Stimulant, Opioid, and Multiple Drug Use on Behavioral Health Care Utilization in a Safety-Net Health System
Calcaterra SL, Keniston A, Blum J, Crume T, Binswanger IA. Subst Abus 2015 PubMed abstract »

Non-medical use of prescription pain medications and increased emergency department utilization: Results of a national survey
Frank JW, Binswanger IA, Calcaterra SL, Brenner LA, Levy C. Drug Alcohol Depend Dec 2015 PubMed abstract »

Overdose Education and Naloxone for Patients Prescribed Opioids in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study of Primary Care Staff
Binswanger IA
, Koester S, Mueller SR, Gardner EM, Goddard K, Glanz JM. J Gen Intern Med Dec 2015 PubMed abstract »

Pharmaceutical Opioids in the Home and Youth: Implications for Adult Medical Practice
Binswanger IA
, Glanz JM. Subst Abus 2015 PubMed abstract »

A Review of Opioid Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Prescribing: Implications for Translating Community Programming Into Clinical Practice
Mueller SR, Walley AY, Calcaterra SL, Glanz JM, Binswanger IA. Subst Abus 2015 PubMed abstract »

Factors associated with opioid overdose: a 10-year retrospective study of patients in a large integrated health care system
Boscarino JA
, Kirchner HL, Pitcavage JM, Nadipelli VR, Ronquest NA, Fitzpatrick MH, Han JJ. Subst Abuse Rehabil Sep 16 2016 PubMed abstract »

Opioid-use disorder among patients on long-term opioid therapy: impact of final DSM-5 diagnostic criteria on prevalence and correlates
Boscarino JA
, Hoffman SN, Han JJ. Subst Abuse Rehabil Aug 19 2015 PubMed abstract»

Patterns of health care utilization for low back pain
Stewart WF, Yan X, Boscarino JA, Maeng DD, Mardekian J, Sanchez RJ, Von Korff MR. J Pain Res Aug 12 2015 PubMed abstract »

Predictors of poor mental and physical health status among patients with chronic hepatitis C infection: the Chronic Hepatitis Cohort Study (CHeCS)
Boscarino JA
, Lu M, Moorman AC, Gordon SC, Rupp LB, Spradling PR, Teshale EH, Schmidt MA, Vijayadeva V, Holmberg SD; Chronic Hepatitis Cohort Study (CHeCS) Investigators. Hepatology Mar 2015 PubMed abstract »

Use of electronic health records for early detection of high-cost, low back pain patients
Maeng DD, Stewart WF, Yan X, Boscarino JA, Mardekian J, Harnett J, Von Korff MR. Pain Res Manag Sep-Oct 2015 PubMed abstract »

The Association Between Unhealthy Alcohol Use and Acute Care Expenditures in the 30 Days Following Hospital Discharge Among Older Veterans Affairs Patients with a Medical Condition
Chavez LJ, Liu CF, Tefft N, Hebert PL, Devine B, Bradley KA J Behav Health Serv Res Sep 2016 PubMed abstract »

Changes in Patient-Reported Alcohol-Related Advice Following Veterans Health Administration Implementation of Brief Alcohol Interventions
Chavez LJ, Williams EC, Lapham GT, Rubinsky AD, Kivlahan DR, Bradley KA J Stud Alcohol Drugs May 2016 PubMed abstract »

Comparison of provider-documented and patient-reported brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use in VA outpatients
Lapham GT, Rubinsky AD, Shortreed SM, Hawkins EJ, Richards J, Williams EC, Berger D, Chavez LJ, Kivlahan DR, Bradley KA Drug Alcohol Depend Aug 1 2015 PubMed abstract »

Decreasing sensitivity of clinical alcohol screening with the AUDIT-C after repeated negative screens in VA clinics
Lapham GT, Rubinsky AD, Williams EC, Hawkins EJ, Grossbard J, Chavez LJ, Kivlahan DR, Bradley KA Drug Alcohol Depend Sep 1 2014 PubMed abstract »

Is it time for a more ambitious research agenda for decreasing alcohol-related harm among young adults?
Bradley KA
, Lapham GT Addiction Sep 2016 PubMed abstract »

Local Implementation of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention at Five Veterans Health Administration Primary Care Clinics: Perspectives of Clinical and Administrative Staff
Williams EC, Achtmeyer CE, Young JP, Rittmueller SE, Ludman EJ, Lapham GT, Lee AK, Chavez LJ, Berger D, Bradley KA J Subst Abuse Treat Jan 2016 PubMed abstract »

Predictive validity of clinical AUDIT-C alcohol screening scores and changes in scores for three objective alcohol-related outcomes in a Veterans Affairs population
Bradley KA
, Rubinsky AD, Lapham GT, Berger D, Bryson C, Achtmeyer C, Hawkins EJ, Chavez LJ, Williams EC, Kivlahan DR Addiction Nov 2016 PubMed abstract »

Prevalence of Alcohol Misuse and Follow-Up Care in a National Sample of OEF/OIF VA Patients With and Without TBI
Grossbard J, Malte CA, Lapham G, Pagulayan K, Turner AP, Rubinsky AD, Bradley KA, Saxon AJ, Hawkins EJ Psychiatr Serv Aug 2016 PubMed abstract »

Unhealthy alcohol use in older adults: Association with readmissions and emergency department use in the 30 days after hospital discharge
Chavez LJ, Liu CF, Tefft N, Hebert PL, Clark BJ, Rubinsky AD, Lapham GT, Bradley KA Drug Alcohol Depend Jan 2016 PubMed abstract »

High-Deductible Health Plans: Implications for Substance Use Treatment
Parthasarathy S, Campbell CI Health Serv Res Oct 2016 PubMed abstract »

Marijuana use and service utilization among adolescents 7 years post substance use treatment
Campbell CI
, Sterling S, Chi FW, Kline-Simon AH Drug Alcohol Depend Nov 2016 PubMed abstract »

Protocol: changes in rates of opioid overdose and poisoning events in an integrated health system following the introduction of a formulation of OxyContin® with abuse-deterrent properties
Janoff SL, Perrin NA, Coplan PM, Chilcoat HD, Campbell CI, Green CA BMC Pharmacol Toxicol May 14 2016 PubMed abstract »

Physician versus non-physician delivery of alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment in adult primary care: the ADVISe cluster randomized controlled implementation trial
Mertens JR, Chi FW, Weisner CM, Satre DD, Ross TB, Allen S, Pating D, Campbell CI, Lu YW, Sterling SA Addict Sci Clin Pract Nov 19 2015 PubMed abstract »

Access to New Medications for Hepatitis C for Medicaid Members: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Clements KM, Clark RE, Lavitas P, Kunte P, Graham CS, O'Connell E, Lenz K, Jeffrey P J Manag Care Spec Pharm Jun 2016 PubMed abstract »

Adherence to Buprenorphine Treatment Guidelines in a Medicaid Program
Baxter JD, Clark RE, Samnaliev M, Aweh G, O'Connell E Subst Abus 2015 PubMed abstract »

Risk Factors for Relapse and Higher Costs Among Medicaid Members with Opioid Dependence or Abuse: Opioid Agonists, Comorbidities, and Treatment History
Clark RE
, Baxter JD, Aweh G, O'Connell E, Fisher WH, Barton BA J Subst Abuse Treat Oct 2015 PubMed abstract »

Enhancing Risk Assessment in Patients Receiving Chronic Opioid Analgesic Therapy Using Natural Language Processing
Haller IV
, Renier CM, Juusola M, Hitz P, Steffen W, Asmus MJ, Craig T, Mardekian J, Masters ET, Elliott TE Pain Med Dec 29 2016 PubMed abstract »

Alcohol, Cannabis, and Opioid Use Disorders, and Disease Burden in an Integrated Health Care System
Bahorik AL, Satre DD, Kline-Simon AH, Weisner CM, Campbell CI .J Addict n Med Sep 8 2016 PubMed abstract »

Screening and brief intervention for substance misuse: Does it reduce aggression and HIV-related risk behaviours
Ward CL, Mertens JR, Bresick GF, Little F, Weisner CM Alcohol Alcohol May 2015 PubMed abstract »

Examination of the Effects of an Intervention Aiming to Link Patients Receiving Addiction Treatment With Health Care: The LINKAGE Clinical Trial
Weisner CM
, Chi FW, Lu Y, Ross TB, Wood SB, Hinman A, Pating D, Satre D, Sterling SAM JAMA Psychiatry Aug 1 2016 PubMed abstract »

Screening and brief intervention for substance misuse: Does it reduce aggression and HIV-related risk behaviours?
Ward CL, Mertens JR, Bresick GF, Little F, Weisner CM Alcohol Alcohol May 2015 PubMed abstract »

Specifying and Pilot Testing Quality Measures for the American Society of Addiction Medicine's Standards of Care
Harris AH, Weisner CM, Chalk M, Capoccia V, Chen C, Thomas CP J Addict Med May-Jun 2016 PubMed abstract »

Smoking Status and Opioid Related Problems and Concerns among Men and Women on Chronic Opioid Therapy
Young-Wolff KC, Klebaner D, Weisner C, Von Korff M, Campbell CI Clin J Pain Nov 28 2016 PubMed abstract » 510-891-3560     2000 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 | NIDA Clinical Trials Network   CTN logo

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